SEC’s New Cybersecurity Rule Webinar

The SEC’s new Cybersecurity Risk Management Rule (the “Cyber Rule”) reshapes the cybersecurity compliance landscape as it had heretofore existed. Investment Managers will need to meet new standards both technologically and operationally in ways that will upend each manager’s current governance and compliance functions. In this webinar, our panel will include subject matter experts in technology, legal, regulatory compliance, security and governance, all specific to the asset management space. The Panel will be able to break down the Cyber Rule and explain each of its four constituent parts into byte-sized, digestible concepts via plain-English, nontechnical, business language.

Attendees will understand the following:

  • The Current Cybersecurity Compliance Landscape.
  • What’s new: a breakdown of the new Cyber Rule into its four parts.
  • Action Items: What managers should do now.


May 08 2024 - Dec 31 2024

Virtual Event

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